Pairing Research with Industry

Encouraging collaboration between top researchers and industry leaders

The NVRIC Intellectual Property Licensing Process

Our process is straightforward:

  1. When a company expresses interest in licensing one of our properties, We first ask what the company will do with the innovation.
  2. We will then ask for a commercialization plan with product development milestones and timelines.
  3. From there, we will work with the company to determine the financial terms, with a mix of cash and or equity, plus downstream royalties or similar payments.

Other terms are fairly typical of those found in IP licenses between academia and industry.


NVRIC balances the potential licensee’s needs and objectives with those of NVRIC to negotiate licenses where both sides can share in the return on investment into research and development.

NVRIC owns innovations created at the University of Nevada, Reno. We perform business and IP protection assessments and if the decision is made to move forward with an innovation, NVRIC manages the entire IP protection process as well as markets the innovation to seek industry partners. We negotiate, sign, and enforce the agreements and manage the financials with the revenues being transferred to the University to support continued research.

Two professionals discussing reports in the ENG Robotics room next to a PR2 robot. One professional is taking notes on a laptop.