Moving Research Innovation Forward

At NVRIC we work to protect research discoveries and support creators with licensing and business mentoring.

What is Tech Transfer Anyway?

When the faculty, students and researchers at the University of Nevada, Reno create or improve innovations, NVRIC can – through licensing – transfer the innovations to entities with the ability to turn research into marketable products.

In exchange for the licensing, NVRIC receives revenues, royalties, equity shares and/or cash fees. All revenues flow to the University with the exception of a 15% service fee retained by NVRIC to help fund operations. The University then distributes 60% of the net revenues to the creators.

Protecting Your Innovation
Intellectual Property

We will work to assess the type of intellectual property that might be available and determine whether the innovation is patentable. We will also assess the commercial potential to determine if a market exists, what competition exists, and whether the innovation is ready for commercialization.

We will keep you informed every step of the way, because we believe it is important that the creator participate in the process since no one knows the innovation better than its creator. If you want more information, read the overview on our policy for IP ownership. If you would like assistance filling out the form, please contact our office and we will address any questions you have.

Steps to Protecting Intellectual Property

The commercialization of technology is a multi-stage process with the goal of finding suitable applications in the marketplace.

  • Discovery or innovation (by University researchers)
  • Invention disclosure Intellectual property protection
  • Partner with a company interested in and capable of developing the innovation
  • License agreement, possibly accompanied by sponsored research
  • Product development by the company
  • Sales of products or services based upon University innovations

Read our Intellectual Property Policy –>

Additional Information on Intellectual Property Protection

Want to Start a Company?

 NVRIC has a range of resources that can be utilized for your entrepreneurial endeavor to help ensure success.

Starting a Startup Company

A startup company is any other new company not based on intellectual property of the Nevada Research & Innovation Corporation. We recommend contacting the Nevada Small Business Development Center or Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada for assistance with starting your new company.

Starting a Spinout Company

A spinout company is a new company that utilizes or is based on the assets of the Nevada Research & Innovation Corporation. Assets are generally any intellectual property that was generated at NVRIC using its resources. This can include anything from patents to copyright software and business methods. If you are interested in starting a spinout company, please contact us.

View Examples of Our Spinout Companies –>

NVRIC External Support

Please contact NVRIC before applying to any of the programs below. We can help craft your proposals to give them the best chance to be funded.

National Science Foundation Industry & University Cooperative Research Program (I/UCRC)

The NSF I/UCRC program brings faculty and students from academic institutions together with companies, non-profits, and state, federal and local governments to collaborate on pre-competitive, fundamental research of interest to industry to drive innovation in the United States.

If it’s unclear which type of company you are starting or who has a legal claim to the assets being used, it’s best to check with us. Getting it wrong can have adverse consequences in the future.